A borderless Pre-paid

With more advantages outside Portugal.

Always ready to travel with you

Lighter abroad

Free withdrawals on the European Economic Area. And for each withdrawal, in a currency other than Euros, pay just 5€.

A low cost to fly high

Anual Card provision fee: €15 (with added Stamp Duty).

Take someone to the cinema with you*

If you buy a ticket at a NOS cinema with the International Pre-paid Card, you'll get the second one for free.

Keep your budget on your radar

Use it abroad

Take this Card with you when you travel and save when you withdrawal money.

Control your expenses

You can top it up just with the amount you're going to use.

Cartão Boost ActivoBank App

On the App you can manage your card

Without mandatory top ups

You can top it up on the App or website, from €5, and then use it for payments and whitdrawals.

International payments

When you're not travelling you can disable your payments abroad.

There's no such thing as too much safety

You have access to the 3D Secure service to online shop with added safety.

MB WAY without costs is AB WAY.

Add your International Pre-paid Card to MB WAY, through the App, so you don't have to carry your wallet again.


On the MB WAY menu select the option "Withdrawal" and choose the amount. At the ATM simply enter the generated code.


To pay, simply move your phone closer to read the QR Code or create virtual MB NET cars, for your online purchases.

Frequently Asked Questions

What else do you need to know?

These are our frequently asked questions.

How can I top up the Pre-paid Card?

On the App, choose the card and then select "Top up Pre-paid Card".

On the website, login, select Pay > Top up Pre-paid Cards.

Can I transfer the balance of the Pre-paid Card to my Current Account?

Yes. For safety reasons this opeartion is performed through our Support Line ( +351 210 030 700). This operation has associated costs. Consult our price list.

What should I do in case my Card is stolen or lost?

You can call our Support Line +351 800 913 700, available 24 hours and cost free.

How can I activate 3D Secure?

3D Secure is already active on your Cards and is associated to your contact at the Bank.

What kind of transactions can I perform with the Pre-paid Card?

Payments, withdrawls, online purchases and transactions abroad.

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Free ticket at NOS cinemas

(1) Free tickets at NOS cinema theaters. Buy the first ticket with this Card and get the second one for free. This offer is good for cinema tickets at the regular price and for the same session of the chosen movie. Exclusive for ticket offices. Maximum of 1 ticket per day and per card, non cumulative with other discounts. It doesn’t include: IMAX and 4DX, Screen X, NOS XVision and/or Premium seats, sessions with alternative content and special seats. VIP rates, upgrades for 3D and 3D glasses are not included, and can be paid for in the cinema.