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OnTrade Forex

Start trading in the Forex market

Do you have any insights on the evolution of the Euro vs. US dollar? What about the pound sterling vs. Euro? Take advantage of the connection between two currencies (currency pair) through Forex. The gains are generated by the appreciation of one currency vs. the other.

The OnTrade platform allows:

  • Have access to over 160 currency pairs
  • Take advantage of the currency variation between currencies and four precious metals (gold, silver, platinum and palladium);
  • 24-hour trading, Monday to Friday
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OnTrade CFDs

Try new investment options

A CFD (Contract for Difference) replicates the value of an underlying asset. With this financial instrument, you can be exposed and speculate about the price variation of national and international stock shares, indexes, bonds and commodities, through short or long stance. CFD is negotiated outside the market and, even if you are not the direct holder of the asset, the gains or losses come from the variation of the chosen asset.

The OnTrade platform allows:

  • Access over 8700 CFDs;
  • Negotiate over 20 commodities and access over 20 stock markets;
  • Leverage.
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OnTrade Futuros

Feel like a true investor on the Forex market

A Future Contract sets a price and date (future) for the transaction of a certain asset. The value of the Future Contract depends on the comparison between the price set in the contract and the market price of the asset. Gains come from the variation of the contract value.

The OnTrade platform allows:

  • Negotiate 175 Future Contracts;
  • Transaction a great variety of underlying assets (indexes, commodities, interest rates, foreign currencies);
  • Access Globex in real time and for free.
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CFD’s are complex products and have a high risk of quick money loss due to the leverage effect.
53% of non-professional investor accounts that lose money when they negotiate CFD with this distributor.
You must consider your understanding of CFD’s and if you can take the risk of high money loss.