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We have more points for you

With Programa Activo+ Loyalty Points, you collect points for using our services and products, that you can later on swap for advantages.

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The products that give you points

Credit Card(1)

For each €10 spent on purchases with your Credit Card you will receive 2 points.


For each new policy you will receive 400 points and for each renewal 200. Valid for: Homin, Móbis, Médis and Pétis.

This information does not dispense with the reading of the legally required pre-contractual and contractual information.

Activo Salary(2)

First domiciliation = 500 points
Annualy, on the date of the first domiciliation = 100 points x N.º years

Stock Orders(3)

For each 10 orders executed on digital channels you will receive 100 points.

Swap points with partners

The points you collect can be swapped for vouchers or donations.

Pingo Doce

Digital voucher of €10 for 5.000 points.


Digital voucher of €10 for 5.000 points.


Digital voucher of €10 for 5.000 points.


Digital voucher of €10 for 5.000 points.


Of €5 for 5.000 points, to the Liga Portuguesa Contra o Cancro and/or the Cruz Vermelha Portuguesa.


Digital voucher of €10 for 5.000 points.

Invest your points

The points you collect can be swapped for Investment and Savings products too.

3.000 points
Flex Activo Deposit

Deadline: 183 days. TANB 0,20% (TANL 0,144%). Constitution amount: minimum €3.000 and maximum €10.000 per Term Deposit. Interest penalty in case of early mobilization. For further information contact our Support Line.

5.000 points
Pack of 5 Stock Orders

Deadline: 2 months after the point swap. Limited to Orders performed on Euronext Lisbon transmitted through ActivoInvest's Website or App. Consult our pricelist.

2.500 points
Exemption from the Safekeeping of Bonds fee

Exemption of 1 Safekeeping of Bonds fee, valid for the trimester after the rebate is made. Consult our pricelist.