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Right Loan

TAEG 1,2% | TAN 0,00%

Only for Product Showcase items

Available at the Pontos Activo and at the Support Line*

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Ordenado Activo Product Showcase

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PVP: 1.799€

49,97€ x 36 months

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MacBook Pro 13
MacBook Pro 13

PVP: 1.629€€

45,25€ x 36 months

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Combinado SMEG FAB32
SMEG FAB32 Combined

PVP: 2.149€

59,69€ x 36 months

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Iphone 14 PRO
Iphone 14 PRO

PVP: 1.479€

41,08 € x 36 months

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Want to take advantage of this 0,00% TAN?
All you need is Ordenado Activo

If you receive your salary or retirement, equal to or higher than €750 net, in ActivoBank, you will have access to the Product Showcase items with a TAN of 0,00%.

Right Loan
TAEG 1,2% | TAN 0,00%​

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Direct from the Bank to your home

At your door, free of charge

Free delivery in Continental Portugal

Right, no surprises

No opening fees and with fixed installments throughout the Loan

Tailored to your needs

Term from 12 to 48 months, early settlement free of charge

Frequently Asked Questions

What else do you need to know?

These are our frequently asked questions.

What is the Ordenado Activo Product Showcase and how can I access it?

It is a digital showcase that allows the acquisition of a selection of equipment exclusively through ActivoBank's Crédito Certo (Right Loan). The showcase is publicly accessible. However, the purchase of the equipment/products available in the showcase is reserved for ActivoBank customers.

Who is the Crédito Certo (Right Loan) intended for, and what are the applicable amounts?

Crédito Certo is intended for customers between the ages of 18 and 70. The amount you can request is the exact amount of the equipment you want to acquire.

Who are the partners responsible for selling the equipment and how can I clarify my doubts?

The partner responsible for the sales is an independent entity from ActivoBank. ActivoBank does not, under any circumstances, assume the position of agent/distributor/representative of the partner, nor a reseller of the mentioned equipment. If you cannot find the information you need on the detail page of each equipment or have doubts, you should address your questions to the partner responsible for the commercialization. The contacts of the partners are the following ones: TELÉMEDIA INFORMÁTICA E SERVIÇOS, S.A. | +351 214 721 830 and +351 214 721 837

How does it work in terms of billing and deliveries?

The issuance of the invoice related to the equipment purchase is the sole responsibility of the partner who made the sale.​ Regarding deliveries, various deadlines are considered based on the nature of the ordered equipment and the delivery location. The general delivery timeframe is 5-10 business days for deliveries in mainland Portugal and 10-15 business days for deliveries to the Azores and Madeira islands. Orders are always placed on business days. Deliveries of orders within mainland Portugal are free of charge. In the case of shipments to the Madeira and Azores islands, the cost will be communicated by the partner. The shipping of orders is handled by distributor companies selected by the partner.

Do the equipment purchased through Ordenado Activo Product Showcase come with a warranty? What should I do in case of a breakdown?

Yes, the equipment comes with the warranty periods provided by the applicable legislation. In case of a breakdown within the legal warranty period, you should contact the partner to resolve the situation.

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Crédito Certo


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*Support Line +351 210 030 700, available inside and outside Portugal. Personalized service on working days and national holidays (8h-22h), Saturdays (10h-20h), Sundays and remaining holidays (12h-20h). Automatic customer service available 24 hours/day. The cost of communications depends on the tariff you have agreed with your telecommunications operator.

1- Ordenado Activo is valid for Clients with domiciliation of salary or retirement of an amount equal to or greater than 750€ net. A domiciled salary is the amount credited through bank transfer duly coded at origin with the ISO code "SALA" or "PENS", "08" or "11". Under 18's and Customers with incidents are excluded.

Personal Credit product exclusive for Clients with an Active Salary and for the purchase of items from our Showcase.

Example for a 36-month loan of 2.149€.
TAEG de 1,2% e TAN de 0,00%*, with a monthly payment of 59,69€, for a 36-month loan of 2.149€. Total amount charged to the consumer of 2.186,66€, including Stamp Duty for the use of the credit. Exemption of the Loan Opening Fees.
*Presumes the detention of the following product:​
Domiciliation of salary or retirement pension in the amount of €750 net in the Account associated with the Loan. Subject to Credit decision. ​​​

The installments of the Credit constitute regular charges in the Bank Customer's family budget. It is essential that the Bank Customer previously considers if he has the financial capacity to assure the payment of the installments arising from the loans he intends to contract. For more information on family budget management, see the "Todos Contam" portal, at The granting of Credit is subject to the macroprudential rules of the Bank of Portugal.​

For information on Checklist equipment, please contact:​
TELÉMEDIA INFORMÁTICA E SERVIÇOS, S.A. | | +351 214 721 837 or +351 214 721 830​