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They truly understand what people want from a Bank. Specially people who lead fast lives.”

Maria Magalhães, Advertising
Client since 2010

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Those who try a simple Bank will never leave.

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Just do the math

There are not a lot of brands about which I can say this: I really like this brand because the products and benefits are real.

Maria Magalhães

Without Account maintenance fees

You don’t have to pay anything to have an Account with us.

Without Debit and Credit Card provision fees

TAEG 15,3% | TAN 14,000% (3)

Without MB WAY charges

For all MB WAY transfers made with our App and the MB WAY App.

Car Loan(1)

I requested a Car Loan in the morning, and by lunch time everything was approved. I did it all online.

Maria Magalhães

You can settle it early on without paying extra.

Fixed TAN throughout the loan

TAEG 8,5% | TAN 6,400%


TAEG 7,9% | TAN 5,800%

Deadline and amount flexibility

From 12 to 84 months and amounts from 3.000€ to 30.000€

Those who make it simple, make the “Right Choice”

I can’t understand how some people are not Clients.

Maria Magalhães

The Simple Account and the Activo Salary, from ActivoBank, received the stamp “ESCOLHA ACERTADA” from DECO PROTESTE, in the categories: Current Account without domiciliation of salary and with domiciliation of salary. Awards attributed in June 2020. Valid until November 2020. These awards are sole responsibility of the entity that awarded them.

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More reasons to choose the Bank that makes everything simpler

Diogo Torcato, Project Manager, Client since 2005

Invest in family time

Gonçalo Ramos, Head of Digital, Client since 2012

For fans of the digital

Maria Ana Guimarães, Doctor, Client since 2017

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* The opening of an account is conditioned to the Customer's admission by the Bank, in accordance with its Customer Acceptance Policy. Minimum amount to open an account: €550 (except Activo Salary, students and online Account Opening: 100€).

1. TAEG of 7,9%, TAN of 5,800%, with monthly instalments of 193,48€, loan opening fee of 100€, for a 10,000€ loan with a 60-month term. Total amount charged to the consumer 11.976,08€, including interest, Stamp Tax for the use of the loan and for fees. Subject to credit assessment. Further information at

2. Campaign valid from September 15th until October 31st, with domiciliation of salary ≥ 1250€ net, until December 15th for Clients and new Clients. "Check in" voucher valid for 2 people, with stay and breakfast on a Classic room, on the following inns:

AÇORES: Forte da Horta | Forte de Angra
ALENTEJO: Castelo de Alcácer do Sal | Convento de Arraiolos | Convento de Beja | Marvão | Convento de
Vila Viçosa | Castelo de Alvito
CENTRO: Ourém | Serra da Estrela | Ria | Viseu
LISBOA: Castelo de Palmela | Palácio de Queluz
NORTE: Bragança | Palacete de Alijó | Valença do Minho
A sua reserva deverá ser feita diretamente com o Grupo Pestana

Your reservation will be directly made with Pestana Group.
This voucher is personal and non-transferable.
The vouchers have a validity of 12 months and must comply with the rules of the partner, present on the voucher.

3. TAEG of 15,3% and TAN of 14,000% for a €1,500 loan, paid in 12 monthly instalments with added interest and expenses. For an €1.500 example for purchases made on national territory with a refund in 12 months, the total amount of the charges is 117,55€ and the total amount is 1.617,55€. Subject to credit risk analysis.

Banco ActivoBank, S.A., Office: Rua Augusta, 84 Lisboa, Share Capital 101.000.000 Euros, registered with this same number in the Lisbon Trade Registry, Single registration and TIN. 500 734 305. Insurance agent registered under nr. 419501226, with the Insurance and Pension Funds Supervision Authority - Registration Date: 21/01/2019. Authorization for the brokerage distribution of the life and non-life insurance. For information and further registration details, please consult: Insurance Intermediary is not authorized to sign insurance contracts on behalf of the Insurer or receive any insurance premiums payable to the Insurer. The Insurance Intermediary does not assume liability regarding any risks covered by the insurance contract, which shall be fully assumed by the Insurer.
Ocidental – Companhia Portuguesa de Seguros, S.A. Head office at AV. Dr. Mário Soares (Tagus Park), Edificio 10, Piso 1, 2744-002 Porto Salvo. Legal person number 501 836 918 and registered under this number at Lisboa Trade Register, with share capital of €12.500.000,00.

Privacy Policy – Personal Data: The personal details given by the holder when filling out the form available on this Website, will be digitally processed and stored by ActivoBank S.A., in strict compliance with the current legislation according to data protection and are destined for exclusive use, regarding the presentation of the Bank as well as for informational purposes about the services and products commercialized by ActivoBank, SA. These details are subject to confidentiality and it’s ensured to their holder the right of access, rectification, suppression or opposition towards them, on the terms of the law through written request to ActivoBank S.A. +351 210 030 700

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