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TAEG 8,6% | TAN 6,400%

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TAEG 8,6% | TAN 6,400%

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Escolha Acertada CP ActivoBank

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ActivoBank’s Personal Loan received DECO PROTESTE’s “ESCOLHA ACERTADA” stamp for the category Personal Loan of over 5.000 euros, attributed on November 2019.
Valid until December 2020. This award is sole responsibility of the entity who awarded it.

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TAEG de 8,6%, TAN 6,400%, with monthly instalments of 98,20€ , loan opening fee of 50€, for a 5,000 € loan with a 60-month term. Total amount charged to the consumer: 6.076€, including interest, Stamp Tax for the use of the loan and for fees. Subject to credit assessment. The loan's settlements are regular charges of the banking client's household budget. It is essential that the client previously weighs his financial ability to ensure the payment of the ongoing settlements of the loans he wishes to hire. For further information on household budget management consult "Todos Contam" at The provision of the loan is subject to the macroprudential rules of the Banco de Portugal.

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