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Complex Financial Product.

This is a Financial Product that does not hold guarantee over the invested amounts and, therefore, allows the risk of total capital loss.

This information is for informational purposes only. It is divulged to its recipients as a mere auxiliary tool and must not be used to initiate or justify any action or omission, provide for any operation or even replace any better judgement from the recipient. The recipients are entirely responsible for the acts and omissions they perform.

The worth of the Net Asset Value can increase or decrease depending on the evolution of the assets that compose the Fund and, therefore, the value and income resulting from the investments can increase or decrease. Higher profitability is usually associated with higher risk. Past profitability is not a guarantee of future profitability.

In virtue of the economic and market risks, a guarantee can’t be given about the Fund reaching its goals. The profitability shown does not include any subscription or redemption fee, it is exempt from all the remaining fees related to the Fund.

The income arising from the Fund’s investment is subject to the fiscal regime in force, described in detail on the Fund’s legal documentation and on the Marketing Memorandum.

The pre-contractual and contractual information must be read, namely, the Key Investor Information and the Funds Marketing Memorandum, available on ActivoBank’s Website and App. This information regards Investment Funds and Collective Investment Undertakings registered on CMVM and that the Bank ActivoBank is legally allowed to distribute.

Investing in Funds entails the Client’s qualification to negotiate this type of products, under the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II). So, for ActivoBank to determine if the Client is qualified to negotiate financial products, he must fill out a questionnaire that can be found at www.activobank.pt > Setup > Profile > DMIF II Questionnaire.

Banco ActivoBank, S.A., Head Office: Rua Augusta, 84 Lisbon, with share capital of 101.000.000,00 Euros, registered at Lisbon Commercial Registry under single registration and tax identification number 500734305. Financial Intermediary registered at the CMVM under number 116 - registration date: 29/07/1991.