Voucher Worten

End of the month? Can be boring​

Advance the Salary​

Offer of a Worten Voucher1 for new advances with an advance amount >= €1,200 between 15/4 and 31/5 of 2024.​

Salary Advance Loan​

TAEG 11.5% | TAN 10.500%

​ Advance Salary

You no longer have to give up on what you had planned

Pay the unexpected expenses

Get that treatment in the dentist

Replace your refrigerator at home

Advance the weekend for a well-deserved rest

Something unexpected? Advance your Salary

TAEG 11,5% | TAN 10,500%

You can advance up to 100% of your Salary and receive it on the first day of the month

With the advance, you will get an extra amount available when you need it, up to a maximum of €5.000​

For new advances with an advance amount >= €1,200, we will send you a voucher of €25 to spend at worten.pt1

Valid from 15/4 to 31/5 de 2024.

Advance Salary