Make your days simpler

Ideal for all your operations. A Debit Card that is simple and safe.

We take everything into Account

Without costs

You don't have to pay the Debit Card provision fee.

Zero contact with the terminal

Contactless allows you to pay just by moving your Card closer to the terminal. And, if you spend 50€ or less you won´t have to enter the PIN code.

MB WAY without costs is AB WAY

Send and receive money or split bills with your friends

On the area "More" you can have direct acess to cost free MB WAY.


On the MB WAY menu select the option "Withdrawal" and choose the amount. At the ATM simply enter the generated code.


To pay, simply move your phone closer to read the QR Code or create virtual MB NET cars, for your online purchases.

Add your Card to Apple Pay

Access the Wallet, on your Apple devices and add your ActivoBank Cards to Apple Pay.

Frequently Asked Questions

What else do you need to know?

These are our frequently asked questions.

What should I do in case my Card is stolen or lost?

You can call our Support Line +351 800 913 700, available 24 hours and cost free.

How can I activate 3D Secure?

3D Secure is already active on your Cards and is associated to your contact at the Bank.

When do I get my Debit Card?

If you open your Account online, the Card will be sent by mail to your address, within a week.

If you open your Account at an ActivoBank Branch, the card will be issued and given to you instantly.

Can I start using the Debit Card once I receive it?

To start you will need the PIN code.

Website: Daily basis > Cards > More Operations > Activate Card.

App: On the main screen there will be a notification. Click it and follow the steps.

You'll receive the PIN code through SMS on the phone number associated with your Account. Before you make the first payment with your Card, go to the ATM and consult your balance or movements to activate the Card.

How can I activate or disable the contactless on my Card?

Go to the App, select More > MBWAY > Manage Card > Contactless

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