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Thematic ETFs

Decide the future of the world by investing in the sectors you want to see grow.

Invest without having to choose just one company

Mitigate risk through investments across different sectors or geographical regions.​

Invest in growth-oriented areas.

Benefit from greatly reduced total expense ratios

Invest in what you believe

You can start with little

It doesn’t take much to invest in ETFs. We have a competitive Stock Market Pricing.

Diversifying is important

ETFs allow you to diversify and dilute the associated risk, in a single Investment.

The World is the limit

It is possible to invest in a specific theme or geographic space, according to your interests.

Time matters

You should consider Investments with a long-term view. Let time fulfill its fuction so that you can achieve the defined goal.

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Check out the hottest markets, the most intriguing thematic offerings, and the perfect timing for diving into ETFs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What else do you need to know?

These are our frequently asked questions.

What does high risk mean? Will I lose my money?

Risk can be defined as the probability to incur in losses over the expected gains. This metric is present in every single fund, and the classification attributed to it is on a scale of 1 to 7. The fund’s risk is as high as its value, up to a maximum of 7. The higher the risk the higher the probability to lose, however, the probability to win more is also higher.

What's an ETF?

ETFs are Investment Funds that are traded on the stock exchange. They are bought and sold throughout the day, and their price is constantly updated. They are usually associated with an index, and considered "passive investment", as there is no active manager trying to make the Fund perform as well as possible, there is only an automatic system that ensures that the ETF performs similarly to the index. ETFs are much less charged than Investment Funds.

Why is the time important when investing in ETFs?

The risk associated with each ETF depends on the asset class it invests in, naturally an ETF that invests in Stocks has a higher risk than an ETF that invests in Bonds. The higher the risk of the ETF, the longer the period of time that should be considered for the investment. If there's a considerable drop in the value of the ETF, a long-term investment allows more time to recover the value that was lost.

How to contact ActivoBank?

+351 210 030 700 (calls to national landline network), with personalized service available on business days (including trading holidays), from 8am to 10pm, Saturdays (10am to 8pm), Sundays and public holidays (12pm to 8pm). The cost of communications depends on the tariff agreed with your telecommunications operator.

What's an ETF made of?

An ETF is made up of the financial assets that belong to the index that they try to replicate.

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