Ordenado Activo

When I need my salary, it is on.

I can request the anticipation of my salary up to 100%, on the first day of the month.
TAEG 11,5% | TAN 10,500%

Valid for Salaries or Retirements, equal or higher than 750€ net.

Domiciling my salary


And even more advantages...​

Receive in ActivoBank your salary or retirement, of an amount equal or higher than €750 net, and enjoy the advantages Ordenado Activo1

Exemplo Antecipação Ordenado

Imagine you have a washing machine breakdown

This unexpected expense can arise long before your payday. If you use €100 of the advance to pay for the repair, you will pay less than €1 in interest.

To request a salary advance, visit us at a Ponto Activo.


Receiving your salary or retirement with us does not cost anything

You just need to give the NIB ActivoBank to your employer or, in case of retirement, to the Social Security



It is DECO PROTESTE that said it...​

"BEST OF THE TEST", from DECO PROTESTE, in the category Best Retail Bank, in Portugal. Prize awarded in March 2022. Valid until June 2023.​

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Frequently Asked Questions

What else do you need to know?

These are our frequently asked questions.

What is Ordenado Activo?

Ordenado Activo is a set of advantages related to a Current Account where a salary or pension is paid via Direct Debit.  It’s available to Clients with a salary or pension paid via Direct Debit – credited through a properly codified bank transfer on the origin with the ISO code: “SALA” (08) ou “PENS” (11) – with a net value of 750€ or more per month. Clients with incidents or under 18 years of age are excluded.  

How can I receive my salary or pension in ActivoBank?

You just need to send the NIB of your ActivoBank Account to your employer or, in case of retirement, to the social security so that your salary or pension/pension is transferred to this Account.
The NIB/IBAN proof can be found in the App, after logging in, under Current Account > View Details > Details. You can also do this on the Website, after logging in, under Other Transactions > Account Information.  

What is the salary advance

The Salary Advance or Overdraft is an option that allows you to have up to 100% of your salary or pension/pension from the first day of each month. It allows you to have more liquidity for your daily life or for unexpected expenses at preferential conditions. It also allows you more liquidity in your daily life or to face unexpected expenses, with favorable terms. 
When you contract for a salary advance, this option is available to you if you choose to use it. If you do not use it, there is no cost to you. If you do use it, you will be charged interest at the current rate – check the price list.  
The salary advance contract is subject to a credit decision.

When is the Salary Advance available and what’s the amount? 

The Salary Advance is available on the first day of each month, with a maximum amount equal to the monthly average of the values credited to the Current Account as salary/pension (properly codified) in the previous two months, not exceeding the maximum contracted amount. 

How does the release of Salary Advance’s amount work in the first month? 

The amount of the Salary Advance is only available if a transfer of salary/pension (properly codified) is verified.  If there have been no salary or pension transfers in the previous two months, the value of the first advance is 50% of the value of the previous month, not exceeding the maximum contracted amount.  

What happens if there is a month in which there is no salary or pension transfer?

If there is a month in which the transfer of a salary to the Account is not verified, even if this is due to a delay in the transfer of the salary or retirement/retirement, the amount made available on the 1st of the following day will only be equal to 75% of the average of the previous two months and may not exceed the maximum amount stipulated in the contract.

Why do I no longer have access to the Active Salary?

If for two consecutive months the properly codified processing of salary or pension transfers is not verified, you will no longer have access to salary or pension advances.

How is the interest calculated and charged?  

Interest is calculated daily on the entire outstanding and utilized capital, taking as basis a year with 360 days and the actual number of days in each month.  The amounts owed will also be subject to taxes demandable under the law and regulations in force at each moment. Currently, stamp duty is added to the interest provided in funding 17.3.1. of TGIS, right now at 4%.   Interest will be paid monthly in arrears, due on the first day of each month of the calendar year. 

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Ordenado Activo


Consult here more information about the Ordenado Activo

1- Ordenado Activo is valid for Clients with domiciliation of salary or retirement of an amount equal to or greater than 750€ net. A domiciled salary is the amount credited through bank transfer duly coded at origin with the ISO code "SALA" or "PENS", "08" or "11". Under 18's and Customers with incidents are excluded.

2- You can have access to the anticipation, on the first day of each month, up to 100% of your salary. For an example of an amount used of 1.500 euros, for 90 days at a TAN of 10.500%, the interest will be EUR 39,39 plus Stamp Duty on the interest of EUR 1,59, which corresponds to an annual effective global rate (TAEG) of 11,5%. Stamp Tax exemption for the use of the Credit up to the amount of the monthly salary credited to the Account. Subject to Credit decision.

3-Personal Credit product exclusive for the purchase of items from our Checklist.
Example for a 36-month Loan of 1.690 euros.
TAEG of 1,2% and TAN of 0,00%* with a monthly installment of 46,94€, for a 36-month Loan of €1.690. Total amount charged to the consumer of 1.719,58€, including Stamp Duty for the use of the Credit. Exemption of the Loan Opening Fees. Subject to Credit Decision.

The installments of the Credit constitute regular charges for the bank Customer's family budget. It is essential that the Client previously consider if he/she has the financial capacity to assure the payment of the installments arising from the loans he/she intends to contract. For more information on family budget management, see the "Todos Contam" portal, at www.todoscontam.pt. The granting of Credit is subject to the macroprudential rules of the Bank of Portugal.

*It presupposes the detention of the following product:
Domiciliation of salary or retirement in the amount of €750 net in the Account associated with the Loan.