Salary Domiciliation

What does Ana have?

The Salary in ActivoBank.​

Domicile Salary​ Open Account

Employee of the month?

Ana is the most active.

Salary Advance Loan​​
TAEG 11,5%
| TAN 10,500%​

You can advance up to 100% of your salary, on the first day of the month.

For new advances with an advance amount >= €1,200, we have an offer valid from 15/4 to 31/5 of 2024.

Advance salary

Can you feel the envy already?

Salary Savings AB 
GNAR of 2.50% (NNAR: 1.80%) 

Term: 30 days, with the possibility of renewals | Maximum in savings: €100,000 | Maximum amount of reinforcement: €10,000 per month | Minimum amount of setting-up/maintenance/reinforcement: €25 | Interest: monthly. Capitalization of interest allowed.

Set up your Savings