For those who want the
all-inclusive life

More advantages in
leisure and travel.
For just 2,99€/month

TAEG 13,2% | TAN 7,100%

The Credit Card for those who want much more

More leisure? Included.

Receive 2% cashback1 for your TVDE, Food Delivery and Streaming payments. And 1 year of Zomato Pro2 after making your first purchase with your AB Gold

More trips? Included.

Make payments or withdrawals outside Portugal without any associated commission3. Have seven personal and travel protection insurances4. When you want to hit the road, fill up without a petrol station fee.

More freedom? Included.

Withdraw up to €400/month on Credit without paying cash advance fee5.

Live everything you didn’t get to live in 2021? Included.

Travelling safely4

Includes Personal Accident Insurance, Travel Protection, Travel Contingencies, Assistance Services, Medical Assistance in foreign countries, Home Medical Assistance and Stolen Card.

Make withdraws without preoccupations

No international service fee3, anywhere in the world, and the possibility of withdrawing up to €400/month on Credit without with no cash advance fee5.

Going to restaurants like a Pro

When you make your first purchase with this Card, you can request the access code to 1 year of Zomato Pro2, with exclusive conditions in restaurants and bars, valid for restaurants in the App and for payments made through Zomato App.

Back to the cinema for two

Return to the big screen in good company. At NOS cinemas, buy a ticket with this Card. The second ticket is at our expense.6

Keep the good habits you created in 2021? Included.

TVDE, Food Delivery and Streaming with more advantages

Receive 2% cashback2 for your payments on the main platforms1

Payment flexibility

Make it about your limits

Pay the amount you owe, totally or partially (between 3% and 100%).

Choose the payment date

Between the 2nd or the 20th of each month the payment will be made. You choose the date.

Frequently Asked Questions

What else do you need to know?

These are our frequently asked questions.

What should I do in case my Card is stolen or lost?

You can call our Support Line +351 800 913 700, available 24 hours and cost free.

How can I activate 3D Secure?

3D Secure is already active on your Cards and is associated to your contact at the Bank.

How can I change the date or payment option of the Credit Card?

You can change the date or payment option until the last day of the monthly statement (meaning, the last workday of each month).

On the App, access the Card, select option: "Change date" or " Payment option".

On the website: Login > Daily basis > select the Card on the left menu > More Operations > Change Payment Option or Change Payment Date.

How can I change the Credit Card limit?

You can request a credit limit change:

  • On the App, access the card, select option "Credit limit".
  • On the website: Login > Daily basis > select the Card on the left menu > More Operations > Change Credit limit.
Can I start using the Card once I receive it?

To start you will need the PIN code.

Website: Daily basis > Cards > More Operations > Activate Card.

App: On the main screen there will be a notification. Click it and follow the steps.

You'll receive the PIN code through SMS on the phone number associated with your Account. Before you make the first payment with your Card, go to the ATM and consult your balance or movements to activate the Card.

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TAEG of 13,2% and TAN of 7,100% for a Loan of €1,500 paid over 12 equal monthly repayments, plus interest and charges. Credit Card provision fee in the amount of 35.88€ (monthly fee of 2.99€). Plus Stamp Tax. Subject to credit risk analysis.

1- 2% cashback in payments made on the main platforms TVDE, Food Delivery and Streaming. The Credit will be made to the Card Account in the month following the month in which the payments are made. Included Platforms: UBER; BOLT; FREE NOW; UBER EATS; GLOVO; BOLT FOOD; NoMENU; VOLUP; NETFLIX; HBO; DISNEY PLUS; AMAZON PRIME; APPLE TV+; FILMIN; MUBI; SPOTIFY; APPLE MUSIC; TIDAL; AMAZON MUSIC; YOUTUBE MUSIC.
The cashback value confers an income, and it's subject to withholding tax at the rate of 28%. This tax is withheld in full, unless you opt for aggregation, in which case the general IRS rates will apply. ​

2- Access to Zomato Pro: valid for purchases in the Visa network, excluding payments for services. The Zomato Pro code will be sent by email after the first purchase with the Card, in the month following the request by the Customer, through the ActivoBank App. Limited to sending 1 code to each Client. Exclusive code for 1 annuity of Zomato Pro, not renewable.

3- Exemption from the international service fee (on each transaction, payments and/or cash withdrawals to Credit, in currencies and countries not covered by regulation n.º 518/2019.

4- Includes Personal Accident Insurance, Travel Protection, Travel Contingencies, Assistance Services, Medical Assistance in Foreign Countries, Home Medical Assistance and Stolen Card.

Doesn't dispense the consultation of the legally required pre-contractual and contractual information.

Banco ActivoBank, S.A., Office: Rua Augusta, 84 Lisboa, Share Capital 127.600.000 Euros, registered with this same number in the Lisbon Trade Registry, Single registration and TIN. 500 734 305. Insurance agent registered under nr. 419501226, with the Insurance and Pension Funds Supervision Authority - Registration Date: 21/01/2019. Authorization for the brokerage distribution of the life and non-life insurance. For information and further registration details, please consult: The Insurance Intermediary is not authorized to sign insurance contracts on behalf of the Insurer or receive any insurance premiums payable to the Insurer. The Insurance Intermediary does not assume liability regarding any risks covered by the insurance contract, which shall be fully assumed by the Insurer.

Ageas Portugal – Companhia de Seguros, S.A. Head office at Rua Gonçalo Sampaio, 39, 4002-001 Porto. Legal person number 503 454 109 and registered under this number at Lisboa Trade Register, with share capital of € 7.500.000.

There are exclusions foreseen in the policy.

5-Exemption from commission on cash advances of €4 + 4% on the amount of the withdrawal, up to a maximum withdrawal of €400 per month, amount after which the fees listed on the price list apply.

6- A Free tickets at NOS cinema theaters. Buy the first ticket with this Card and get the second one for free. This offer is good for cinema tickets at the regular price and for the same session of the chosen movie. Exclusive for ticket offices. Maximum of 1 ticket per day and per card, non cumulative with other discounts. It doesn’t include: IMAX and 4DX theatres, VIP Fees , 3D upgrade and 3D glasses.