Card 12 -17

Towards adulthood

For teens from 12 to 17

This Card is linked to the Constrói o teu Futuro Account and ActivoKit Current Accounts.

Where to open an Account

Building autonomy, always under watch


The withdrawals or purchases are limited to maximum daily amounts (fixed values of 50€, 100€, 150€ or 200€), defined by the legal guardian at the moment of contracting

Without frontiers

Around the world, do purchases and debit withdrawals, check Account details (balance, movements and BBAN) and charge the balance of mobile phones.

Free of charge

There are no Card provision fees.

No contact with the payment terminal

With Contactless, it’s possible to shop by approaching the Card to the payment terminal. Up to 50€, entering the PIN is not required.

The young people at home need a Current Account or a Debit Card?

The Minor Account needs to be opened at one of our Branches.

A legal guardian may ask for a Card in a Branch or through the helpline +351 210 030 700, available in Portugal and internationally.

Personalized service available in business days and trading holidays (8am to 10pm), Saturdays (10am to 8pm), Sundays and public holidays (12pm to 8pm). The automated service is available 24h/day. The cost of communications depends on the tax you have agreed with your telecommunications operator.

Where to open an Account

Frequently Asked Questions

What else do you need to know?

These are our frequently asked questions.

Who can open an Account for the minor? And where can it be opened?

Only the parents and/or legal guardians, two at most, can open a Minor Account. The Account must be open in person at an ActivoBank Branch. Find a Branch near you.​

What documents are required to open an Account for a minor (under 18 years old)? ​

For the parents/legal guardians:​
Valid Identification Documents (one of the following documents):​
  •  Portuguese Citizen Card;
  • Authorization of Residency in Portugal;​
  • Passport/National Identity Card (only accepted if you have nationality in the European Union, Schengen Zone or United Kingdom).​
Valid Tax Identification Number (one of the following documents):​
  • Portuguese Citizen Card/Residence Permit/Taxpayer Card/Taxpayer Central Registration.​
Proof of address, with a validity of 12 months (one of the following documents):
  • National Address: Water/electricity/telecommunication/insurance bill, Bank statement, Finance Documents;​
  • International Fiscal Address: Taxes liquidation issued by the fiscal authority of the country of residency or Document issued by the consulate.​
Proof of employment situation, with a validity of 6 months (one of the following documents):​
  • Employee: Pay slip or Work contract;​​
  • Independent worker: "Green receipts", start/alteration of activity, Commercial Registry certificate or Company Registration;​
  • Student: Student ID, Enrolment proof or payment of tuition fees;​
  • Unemployed: Unemployment statement (Employment Center enrolment);​
  • Retired/Pensioner: Remuneration receipt or bank statement;​
  • Other situations: IRS Template 3 or bank statement.
For the minor:​
  • Identification Document, Tax Identification Number and Proof of address (that can be from one of the parents/legal representatives).​

How can I perform transactions with the minor's Account?

In case the parents/legal guardians are our Clients, they can consult and control the Account through the App or WebSite. If this isn't the case, they can only control it at an ActivoBank Branch.

What types of transactions can the minor perform with the Card?​

The minor can make payments at POS, withdrawals at ATMs, check the balance and transactions, pay for services, recharge the cell phone, make ATM transfers, shop, as long as the maximum limits (fixed values of €50, €100, €150 or €200) defined by the legal guardian at the time of contracting are respected.

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