Conta Menor

Big plans for little ones

Minor Accounts, from birth until 17 years of age.

Where can I open an Account

Teach your kids how to save like grown-ups

Teach & Start

Who would be better to teach your kids how to save other than you? By opening an Account for them you're setting the roots for the importance of saving, that will help them for the rest of their lives

Safety & Control

Keep it under control or even inside your pocket. You decide how much they can spend. You can control the Account through the App or, if you're not our Client, at an ActivoBank Branch.

For children from 0 to 13 years old.

Minor Account, the Account that grows with your kids

The 1st Account

No charges or Account maintenance fees.

The 1st Card

You can have access to the Pre-paid Card, cost free, from age 10 and up.

The 1st Deposit

To open the Account you must deposit an initial amount of €100.

The 1st Savings

You can create Savings without a minimum amount.

No costs

No charges or Account maintenance fees.

Boost autonomy

Access to the Debit Card without Card provision fees.

To start

You must deposit an initial amount of €100.

Saving for the future

You can create Savings without a minimum amount.

Frequently Asked Questions

What else do you need to know?

These are our frequently asked questions.

Who can open an Account for the minor? And where can it be opened?

Only the parents and/or legal guardians, two at most, can open a Minor Account. The Account opening must be done in person. You must go to one of our Branches and take with you:

For the minor:
- Identification Document, Tax Identification Number and Proof of address (that can be from one of the parents/legal representatives).

For the parents/legal guardians:

Valid Identification Documents (one of the following documents):

  • Portuguese Identification Document (the only document accepted to open an Account in the digital channels), Authorization of Residency in Portugal or Passport/National Identity Card (only accepted if you have nationality in the European Union, Schengen Zone or United Kingdom).

Valid Tax Identification Number (one of the following documents):

  • Portuguese Identification Document/Residence Permit/NIF Card/Tax Payer’s central registration.

Proof of address, with a validity of 12 months (one of the following documents):

National Address: Water/electricity/telecommunication/insurance bill, Bank statement, Finance Documents;

International Fiscal Address: Taxes liquidation issued by the fiscal authority of the country of residency or Document issued by the consulate.

Proof of employment situation, with a validity of 6 months:

  • Employee: Pay slip or Work contract;
  • Independent worker: "Green receipts", start/alteration of activity, Commercial Registry certificate or Company Registration;
  • Student: Student ID, Enrolment proof or payment of tuition fees;
  • Unemployed: Unemployment statement (Employment Center enrolment);
  • Retired/Pensioner: Remuneration receipt or bank statement;
  • Other situations: IRS Template 3 or bank statement.
Which is the minimum value that must be available in the minor 's Account?

There isn't a mandatory minimum value to be available. There is only a minimum initial deposit amount for the Account opening.

How can I perform transactions with the minor's Account?

In case the parents/legal guardians are our Clients, they can consult and control the Account through the App or WebSite. If this isn't the case, they can only control it at an ActivoBank Branch.

What type of transactions can I perform with a minor Account?

You can receive Transfers and create Savings.

Can include or exclude parents/legal guardians from the Account?

Yes. It is possible to include or exclude parents/legal guardians, in person at an ActivoBank Branch.

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The opening of an account is conditioned to the Customer's admission by the Bank, in accordance with its Customer Acceptance Policy. The minimum initial deposit is 100€.