A first car is a first love
You never forget it

Car Loan for Young Adults
TAEG 8,1% | TAN 6,400%
TAEG 6,3% | TAN 4,800%

Valid Campaign from 10/1 to 30/09

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Don't go around in circles

Fixed rate throughout the duration of the Loan:
TAEG 8,1% | TAN 6,400%

Get ready to move

Loan opening fee of 1% over thee financed amount, with a minimum of €10 and a maximum of €150.

Control the speed

Deadline ( from 12 to 84 months) and amount ( €3.000 to €30.000) fleixibility.

Choose the destination

You can liquidate it whenever you want without paying more for it.

Credito Automovel Jovens

Young adults car loan

A first car is a first love
You never forget it

TAEG 8,1% | TAN 6,400%
TAEG 6,3% | TAN 4,800%

Valid campaign from 10/1 to 30/09

If you are under 35 years old, learn about the solution we have for you

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Frequently Asked Questions

What else do you need to know?

These are our frequently asked questions.

What is TAEG? And MTIC?

TAEG (Annual Percentage Rate) is the total cost of the Loan, paid by the consumer, expressed as an annual percentage of the granted loan's amount. When calculating the TAEG, expenses of collection of refunds and interest payment are included,as well as the remaing charges to bear (taxes, fees and mandatory insurances).

TAEG can be used to compare Loan proposals. For Loan proposals with the same amount, term, and refund modality, the proposal with the lowest TAEG is the cheapest for the Client. It includes interest + fees + expense+ taxes + insurances.

MTIC (total amount charged to the consumer) its the sum of the total amount of the Loan with the associated costs (interest, fees, taxes and other charges).

Take note that for Loans the tax is variable, MTIC is merely indicative as the interes rate of these Loans can vary with time, according to the fluctuation of the indexed used. (EURIBOR).

What is the main advantage of requesting a Car Loan?

You can request the Loan, anywhere at any time, through our App (up to €15.000). For amounts from €15.001 to €30.000, the request will have to be done at an ActivoBank Branch or through our Support Line.

Is this financing subject to the payment of Stamp Duty?

Yes, the Stamp Duty is applied to the Loan opening, over the interest and associated fees (for example, the Loan Opening Fee).

What is TAN (Nominal Rate)?

The TAN (Nominal Rate) is the interest rate expressed as a fixed or variable percentage, applied to the used Credit amount on an anual basis.

What are the deadlines for Car Loans?

The deadlines vary:

  • 12 and 48 months, for amounts up to 3.000€;
  • 12 and 84 months, for amounts higher than 3.001€.

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PUB. This information does not dispense the reading of the legally required pre-contractual and contractual information.

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*Support Line +351 210 030 700, in or outside Portugal. Personalized service on working days and national holidays (8h-22h), Saturdays (10h-20h), Sundays and remaining holidays (12h-20h). Automatic customer service available 24 hours/day. The cost of communications depends on the tariff agreed with your telecommunications operator.

TAEG of 7,9%, TAN of 5,800%, with monthly instalments of 193,48€, for a €10.000 loan with a 60-month term. Total amount charged to the consumer: €11.976,80, including loan opening fee €50, interest, Stamp Tax for the use of the loan and for fees. Loan opening fee of 1% over the financed amount, with a minimum of 10€ and maximum of 150€. Subject to Credit assessment.

The loan's settlements are regular charges of the banking client's household budget. It is essential that the client previously weighs his financial ability to ensure the payment of the ongoing settlements of the loans he wishes to hire. For further information on household budget management consult "Todos Contam" at www.todoscontam.pt The provision of the loan is subject to the macroprudential rules of the Banco de Portugal.

For amounts up tp 15.000€ the loan request is analyzed online and, if approved, the hiring of the loan will be made online and the requested amount will be deposited on the Current Account. For higher amounts, in case of approval, the hiring of the loan will be made at an ActivoBank Branch. Valid for Clients with a risk profile that is adequate to the product.

The opening of an account is conditioned to the Customer's admission by the Bank, in accordance with its Customer Acceptance Policy. The Minimum amount to open an account is 500€ and 100€ to online Account openings. The minimum initial deposit of 100€ is also applicable for Salary Accounts and Student Accounts. This amount is Account Balance and is entirely at the Customer's disposal.