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Taking care of your smile will be easier now

Appointments and treatments for €3

Pay €3 if you do one or more treatments in the same appointment. Includes dental cleaning (every 6 months), dental restoration (3 per year), or devitalization (3 per year).

Innovative treatments

Special conditions for braces, teeth whitening, implants placement and a lot more.

Médis Dental network

Access to a network of dentists and over 150 dental clinics throughout the country.

Simple access

On our App you can simulate, subscribe and consult all the information about your Médis Dental Insurance.

Coverages table

Consult the medical acts with co-payment for just €3

Coverages Limits

Stomatology and dental appointments


Application of Dental Sealants (by quadrant)

1 every 2 years

Topical Application of Fluorides (per session)

1 every 6 months

Bimaxillary Removal of Calculus

1 every 6 months

Removal of dental pigment with bicarbonate jet

1 every 6 months


1 per annuity


3 per annuity

Pulp protection

3 per annuity

First Session of Endodontics

1 per annuity

Following Endodontics sessions

2 per annuity

Extraction of single root tooth


Extraction of tooth with odontosecção and osteotomy


Extraction of multi root tooth


Extraction of Deciduous Tooth (mono or multi)


Orthodontics Study

1 per annuity

Implantology treatment study

1 per annuity

Control of Fixed Brace

3 per year

Online Doctor

2 per year

Prerequisites from the coverages chart: The limits of the coverages are per insured person.

Innovating treatments

Special conditions for innovative treatments, including esthetic:

Braces placement

Clear and removable braces suitable for large and small corrections

Teeth whitening

Implant placement

Veneers placement

And others

Consult the complete co-payments chart.


Treatments, surgery and other medical acts destined for the repair of diseases or malformations present since birth, except for newborns insured with Médis Insurance at the time of their birth.

Expenses with doctors that are related to the insured person, such as partners, parents, children or siblings.

Expenses with services that aren’t clinically necessary, such as hospital assistance and treatment for social reasons.

Frequently Asked Questions

What else do you need to know?

These are our frequently asked questions.

How can I book an appointment with Médis Dental?

Choose the dental clinic, from the Médis Dental network, that is closer to you and contact it directly to book the appointment.

To perform the most common dental treatments you'll pay only €3 per appointment. If you wish to see the prices of all treaments, consult the Médis Dental Insurance co-payments list.

Will I be subject to waiting periods with the Médis Dental Insurance?

No, the Médis Dental Insurance does not have a waiting period. You can start using it once you receive the number of your Médis Dental card, as long as the insurance has been paid.

Can I go to any dental clinic?

No. With the Médis Dental Insuranceyou have at your disposition a network of selected clinics. Go to www.medis.pt, consult the Médis Guide, select the option Médis Dental network and see the clinic thats closest to you.

Can I go to an emergency appoinment with Médis Dental Insurance?

Yes. If you have an emergency, you can go to a Médis Dental network clinic and there will always be a dentist available to help you.

Do I need to have another Médis Insurance to subscribe Médis Dental?

No. The Médis Dental Insurance is independent from the Médis Health Insurance.

It is a specific Insurance for dental medicine treatments and can be acquired by anyone.

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