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Slicing music festivals?​ That’s music to your ears.

Slice1 in 3, 6 or 9 installments​

TAN 9,900%


1Slices correspond to installments



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Leonor bought a flight for €373 with the Classic Credit Card

She decided to pay for the purchase in 6 monthly installments with Slice, in the ActivoBank App.

Monthly Installment


Total Amount Charged


This amount is equal to the total of the installments plus the ISUC (Stamp Duty for the Use of Credit)*​

For just €14,42, Leonor could slice her flight into 6 installments.​

Partial payments.​ Full festival experience.

Master the early bird

Discover another payment option to buy now ​and pay later

At the frontline of ticket sales

Start managing your money in an agile way without paying all at once

A pass to a flexible summer​

Choose how you want to pay, in 3, 6 or 9 months, for purchases from €75


Choose which Credit Card you will use to slice

Visa Classic Credit Card2

TAEG 17,9% | TAN 17,400%

Without Issuance Costs, this is the Card that offers a 10% discount on iService repairs for your smartphone, computer, tablet, or other accessories. If you're craving for breakfast in bed, enjoy a discount on stays at Pestana Hotels & Resorts.​

Ab Gold Credit Card3

TAEG 17,9% | TAN 12,200%

With 2% Cashback on TVDE, Food Delivery, and Streaming platforms. Ideal for travelers, it allows fee-free withdrawals in other countries and fee-free refueling. Get insurance packages at no cost and Credit withdraw up to €400/month, without commissions.​

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Frequently Asked Questions

What else do you need to know?

These are our frequently asked questions.

What is Slice?

The Slice corresponds to installments, that is, a payment mode that allows the transaction made with the Credit Card to be made in equal monthly payments of capital, interest, and taxes, consuming the limit of the respective Credit Card. When the monthly payments are made, they no longer affect the Credit Card balance, and the credit limit is released.

What are installments, and how are they paid?​

Installments are the number of months you divide a purchase or payment.​ Each installment is paid on the day your Credit Card statement is debited from your Current Account. The final amount is the sum of the installments plus the ISUC (Stamp Duty on Credit Utilization). The ISUC is charged only once, in the first installment.

What transactions can I use installments for?

Purchases, Payment of Services and Payments to the State are eligible.​

How many transactions using installment payments can happen simultaneously?

Usage is dictated by the Credit Card limit, with a limit of 50 transactions with installments active.​

Is it possible to cancel an installment payment?

Yes. It is possible to cancel/reverse the entire outstanding capital debt of an installment payment on your Card Account. The amount refunded will be included in the balance due for the following month and will be paid according to the payment option chosen by the Client. A Repayment Fee is added to the cancellation amount.

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Slices correspond to installments

Slice for payments in 3, 6 and 9 months: TAN of 9,900%​​

The Installment Payment Option for the term of 3, 6 or 9 months means the use of a credit, by a determined term, subject to Stamp Duty which is settled and charged at the moment of its granting, according to the legal rates in force: term less than 1 year 0,1410% per each month (TGIS 17.2.1.).


2- Credit Card Classic

TAEG 17,9%, TAN 17,400% for a credit limit of 1.500€ paid equally in 12 monthly installments of capital plus interest and charges. Without activation fee. Subject to credit risk analysis.

3- Credit Card AB GOLD

TAEG 17,9% , TAN 12,200% for a credit limit of 1.500€ paid equally in 12 monthly installments of capital plus interest and charges.
Activation fee for Credit Card costs 35.88€ (2.99€ paid every month). Stamp Tax is applicable. Subject to credit risk analysis.