Investment Funds

Investing can be simple.

Need help

Invest in what you believe

You can start with little

It doesn't take much to invest in Funds. Find out Investments Funds from €1.

Diversifying is important

Investment Funds allow you to diversify and dilute the associated risk, in a single Investments.

The World is the limit

It is possible to invest in a specific theme or geographic space, according to your interests.

Time matters

You should consider Investments with a long-term view. Let time fulfill its fuction so that you can achieve the defined goal.


Now you can negotiate Investment Funds on the App

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An intuitive and personalized search
20 Thematic Funds and 17 Management Companies
Reinforce or Redeem the Fund at any time
Functionality that allows you to compare the performance of the Funds with each other

Investment Funds

Invest in the themes that you believe in. Decide the future of the world by investing in the areas that you want to see growing.