Who we are

Welcome to ActivoBank!

We assume that innovation is part of our DNA. We were born in 1994 as the first Phone Bank in Portugal. In 2001, we began to offer investment solutions to our Customers. In 2010, we launched a new concept to transform the banking experience. ActivoBank initiated a new stage of its existence materialized in a new, lighter image and in the offer of innovative products and services.
We opened 16 state of the art spaces in Aveiro, Braga, Cascais, Coimbra, Leiria, Lisboa, Matosinhos, Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia, with extended work hours from Monday to Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

We redesigned our services in a way that you only pay for what you use and identify the specific benefits that are presented to you, all in a clear and transparent manner.

We did our best to simplify our branches' operational procedures, reduce the use of paper as much as we could, invest in technology to speed up processes and simplify our Customers'life.

Our Principles and Values

  • No card annual fees or account maintenance fees
  • You can always have the Bank at your fingertips by using two completely innovative mobile apps
  • Access to simple products
  • A speedy process of account opening, with immediate access to cards
  • Open from Monday to Saturday until 8 p.m.

Principles and Values

How we are perceived

We work hard every day to innovate and excel but foremost to satisfy our Customers!
Since 2010 we won a wide range of national and international awards for our customer service and innovation.

We are committed to make a difference and deliver a different type of banking for Portugal that is described through our statement: Simplify our Customer's life!

Prémio Escolha do Consumidor 2022

ActivoBank has won the 2024 Consumer Choice Award in the "Digital Bank" category. Awarded in January 2024 by ConsumerChoice - Consumer Satisfaction Assessment Centre. Valid until December 2024. This award is the sole responsibility of the awarding organisation.

Prémio  Cinco Estrelas 2024

ActivoBank has won the Prémio Cinco Estrelas 2024 in the “Digital Bank” category. Awarded in January 2024 by Five Stars Consulting’ Portugal, Lda. Valid until December 2024. This award is the sole responsibility of the awarding organization.​

Prémio Powerfull Brands

Award given by Sábado and Marktest, in 2022, in the category "Bancos Online in Portugal".

These awards are sole responsability of the entities who attributed them.