Give your budget

Ideal for those who want to manage their life with flexibility
TAEG 15,0% | TAN 13,700%

In addition to freedom there are advantages

Without costs

You dont have to pay a Credit Card provision fee to have it.

Take someone to the cinema with you*

If you buy a ticket at a NOS cinema with the Credit Card, you'll get the second one for free.1

Use it anywhere in the world

Always available for your trips and international purchases.

Payment flexibility

Choose when and how to pay. The payment date and type cam be changed on the App.

Make it about your limits

Pay the amount you owe, totally or partially (between 3% and 100%).

Choose the payment date

Between the 2nd or the 20th of each month the payment will be made. You choose the date.

Frequently Asked Questions

What else do you need to know?

These are our frequently asked questions.

What should I do in case my Card is stolen or lost?

You can call our Support Line +351 800 913 700, available 24 hours and cost free.

How can I activate 3D Secure?

3D Secure is already active on your Cards and is associated to your contact at the Bank.

How can I change the date or payment option of the Credit Card?

You can change the date or payment option until the last day of the monthly statement (meaning, the last workday of each month).

On the App, access the Card, select option: "Change date" or " Payment option".

On the website: Login > Daily basis > select the Card on the left menu > More Operations > Change Payment Option or Change Payment Date.

How can I change the Credit Card limit?

You can request a credit limit change:

  • On the App, access the card, select option "Credit limit".
  • On the website: Login > Daily basis > select the Card on the left menu > More Operations > Change Credit limit.
Can I start using the Card once I receive it?

To start you will need the PIN code.

Website: Daily basis > Cards > More Operations > Activate Card.

App: On the main screen there will be a notification. Click it and follow the steps.

You'll receive the PIN code through SMS on the phone number associated with your Account. Before you make the first payment with your Card, go to the ATM and consult your balance or movements to activate the Card.

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Credit Card:

TAEG 15,0%, TAN 13,700%, for a € 1.500 credit, paid over 12 equal monthly repayments, plus interests and expenses. For a € 1.500 loan, for purchases made on national territory with a 12-month refund, the total amount of charges is € 115,41 and the total amount is € 1615,41.
Request subject to credit risk analysis.

(1) Free tickets at NOS cinema theaters. Buy the first ticket with this Card and get the second one for free. This offer is good for cinema tickets at the regular price and for the same session of the chosen movie. Exclusive for ticket offices. Maximum of 1 ticket per day and per card, non cumulative with other discounts. It doesn’t include: IMAX and 4DX, Screen X, NOS XVision and/or Premium seats, sessions with alternative content and special seats. VIP rates, upgrades for 3D and 3D glasses are not included, and can be paid for in the cinema.