3D Secure

Online shopping is even safer

3D Secure, the service that allows you to authenticate your online purchases

If your online purchase was denied, contact us

We will inform you of the cause and what to do

Customer Service Line

Available in Portugal and internationally

+351 210 030 700(calls to national landline network), with personalized service available on business days (8am to 10pm), Saturdays (10am to 8pm), Sundays and public holidays (12pm to 8pm). The cost of communications depends on the tariff agreed with your telecommunications operator.

Simple and free of charge, for your security

Visa and Mastercard

Also known as Verified by Visa (VBV) or Mastercard Secure Code (MSC), this service grants additional authentication to your online purchases.

Participating merchants

Available in all merchant websites that allow 3D Secure, in accordance with the merchant’s protocol.

Strong Authentication

Under the 2.ª Directive 2015/2366 of the EU(1), in merchants of the European Union, this service grants an additional authentication made by you, guaranteeing more security to your transactions.

This system is available on all ActivoBank cards, associated with the mobile number registered in the Bank.

Frequently Asked Questions

What else do you need to know?

These are our frequently asked questions.

How can I activate 3D Secure?

You don't need to activate it. 3D Secure is already active and linked to your contact at the Bank.

Can I purchase in merchants’ online shops that aren’t members of the 3D Secure service?

As of January 2021, strong authentication will be mandatory for transactions on e-commerce websites within the European Union. Outside the European Union, 3D Secure is optional, which means it's possible to shop online without strong authentication, but those transactions won't have the same added security available with 3D Secure.

What is 3D Secure?

3D Secure is an authentication system that makes your online shopping more secure against fraud attempts.
This level of security makes it possible to verify that the payment on the Internet with the Card is made by the holder. Each time you shop online, you will receive a notification on your cell phone directing you to the ActivoBank App to validate the purchase.

How do I validate 3D Secure transactions? 

To validate 3D Secure transactions, you need to ensure that you have:

  • Internet access via mobile data or Wi-Fi;​
  • Notifications are enabled in the ActivoBank application. You can confirm this by logging in to the App, selecting the "More" section and managing notifications under configurations.​

At the moment of online purchase:​

  • Enter your card details and wait.​​
  • You will then receive a notification from the ActivoBank application. Click on it.​​
  • Follow the instructions to validate the payment.​
  • At the end, it's important to go back to the merchant's website or App to complete the purchase.​

I have a new phone number. How can I update my contacts and activate the 3D Secure service?

You can update your contacts and activate the 3D Secure service via the Contact Center, if you have a Multichannel Code, or at any ActivoBank Branch.
Updating contacts in the Client file doesn't automatically change the phone number associated with the 3D Secure service, so you need to request this change.

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The opening of an account is conditioned to the Customer’s admission by the Bank, in accordance with its Customer Acceptance Policy. The Minimum amount to open an account is 500€ and 100€ to online Account openings. The minimum initial deposit of 100€ is also applicable for Salary Accounts and Student Accounts. This amount is Account Balance and is entirely at the Customer’s disposal.

(1) The 2º Directive of Payment Services (PSD2 (EU) 2015/2366) defines the requirements to implement a system of Strong Authentication of Clients even more robust and transversal to all payment service providers in the European Union, to safeguard the information of users of online payments services.