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GNAR 3,75% with Salary domiciled​
GNAR 3,50% without Salary domicile​

Exclusive to Clients who opened a Current Account within the last 90 days before establishing the deposit. Set-up minimum: €500. Set-up maximum per deposit: €100.000. Not renewable. No increases allowed.
Term: 180 days

Early mobilization allowed, partial or total, at any moment during the duration of the Term Deposit, with a penalty of 100% applied to the interest on the amount withdrawn. Not renewable. No increases allowed.


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Campaign valid from 21/11/23 to 21/1/24​

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Deco Proteste - "BEST IN TEST" by DECO PROTESTE in the category of Best Retail Bank. Awarded in March 2023. Valid until August 2024.
This award is the sole responsibility of the entity that attributes it.

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