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0.10% with min. $10 on the United States Market

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Trade on major national and international markets

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Frequently Asked Questions

What else do you need to know?

These are our frequently asked questions.

Where can I consult the trading hours of the exchanges?

On the ActivoBank ActivoTrader Trading Platform (on the bottom right corner) you can consult the trading hours of the main Stock Exchanges.

What is the Day-Trade?

The Day-Trade service allows orders for the same security to be executed during the same Stock Exchange session or even within the minute after the purchase has been made. As soon as the execution of the purchase is confirmed, you can immediately give an instruction to sell the securities even before the financial liquidation of the respective purchase. 

How do I make a stock exchange order?

You can use the Searcher and write the name of the security you wish to trade (available at the bottom page of the Site or the ActivoTrader Platform, choose the security you wish to trade and click on the Buy or Sell button, depending on the operation you wish to make. Then, simply fill in the fields of the Order and validate the transaction.
Alternatively, you can register the Order in the Quotation Screens of the different assets and clicking on the Buy or Sell button.

What is the maximum Term/Validity that I can put on a stock exchange order?

The time limit for Normal or Stop orders is 30 days. 

What is a Stop Order?

Stop Orders are stock market orders, buy or sell orders, that become executable when the price of securities reaches a certain value which is pre-defined by the Client. By giving a Stop Order, the Client secures his investment and can limit the loss in the case of Stop Loss Orders by determining the maximum loss he is willing to take on each position in the portfolio or take advantage of a rising market movement to take a position in the case of a Stop Limit Order.

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