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Competitive Stock Market Pricing

€6,5 until the 10th order and €5 in the followings, in the National market

0.10% with min. $10 on the United States Market

Market Pricing on the Website and App without amount intervals

Invest in the companies you believe in

You can start with little

Trade on major national and international markets

Safe and intuitive platform, with real-time quotes

Corporate events

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Carry World's stock exchanges in your pocket

The platform to invest, anywhere, to make you feel like you are in a marketplace.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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These are our frequently asked questions.

How to contact ActivoBank?

If you have any doubts or want to clarify any information, you can contact ActivoBank through: Helpline. 210 030 700; Skype: ActivoBankSimplifica; Email:

What's a Stock?

A Stock is a security that corresponds to a fraction of the control of a company, that can be traded on the Stock exchange. The holder of a Stock has the right to a percentage of the company's profits and a percentage of the right to vote in decisions involving it.

What defines the price of a Stock?

A Stock's price depends on whether there is more or less demand. The level of Demand depends on the company's current performance and expectations of future performance. An investor who buys Stocks in a company benefits from the distribution of the company's profits to its shareholders, receiving dividends, and the potential appreciation of the Stock's price.

How do stock exchange operations work?

In order to buy a Stock, you must place a buy order, in which you define the price at which you want to buy the Stock, and the amount of Stocks that you wish to purchase. As soon as there is someone selling at the same price on the market, the order is executed. The same applies to a sell order.

When investing in Stocks, is there any risk of losing my money?

Stocks are financial instruments with risk, and their value varies over time. As they are a product without guaranteed capital and whose value varies, there is no certainty as to the return on your investment, which can be positive, null or negative.

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