Customer Ombudsman

ActivoBank values relations of maximum trust and transparency with its Customers and, for this purpose, places the Customer Ombudsman at their disposal.

The Customer Ombudsman - a totally independent body - primarily operates as a mediation agent in contexts of disputes between Customers and the respective institution, where its activity is strongly based on the principles of impartiality, swiftness, provision of service free of charge and confidentiality.

Any claim or complaint addressed to the Ombudsman usually assumes that all prior contacts or endeavours have already been made by the Customer at ActivoBank through the email, although this is not a necessary assumption. ActivoBank may be contacted directly by email, addressed to This email should be used only for requests for clarification; and not to convey account movement orders. ActivoBank will not be held liable for the execution of instructions given in this way, and emails sent on non-business days will only be analysed on the following first business day. For further information, please contact 210 030 700.

The Customer Ombudsman is entrusted with assuring and promoting the legitimate rights, guarantees and interests of Customers, ensuring full impartiality in the analysis of any divergences between Customers and the Bank, and, as a venue of New Claims, checks and analyses claims and complaints that have not been received favourably by the competent services of ActivoBank.

The issues should always be presented in writing and specifically addressed to the Ombudsman, with Customer identification through full name and tax identification number (NIF), by:

Letter: Rua Augusta, 84 , Piso 2, 1100-053 Lisboa

in a clear and succinct manner, and should be accompanied, if necessary, by the pertinent documentation, namely, correspondence previously exchanged with the Bank.

Client Ombudsman's Regulations

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