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The ActivoBank Cards always at hand, in Android devices​

Open Account

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How to register your Card

App Google Wallet

In the Google Wallet App, if you have more than one associated Account, choose the Account you want to use

Swipe up from the bottom and select Add Card > Debit or Credit Card

Use the camera to capture the Card information or enter the data manually

Accept the terms and conditions

Enter the ActivoBank code you receive by SMS, in the number associated with your Account

Google WalletTM

How to Add your Card to a smartwatch

Open the Google Play App in your smartwatch

Click on “Add Card”

Unlock the keyboard (in case it’s locked)

Connect with the smartphone (in case it’s unconnected)

Verify the showed Cards

​​ Have the 2 devices matched to complete the configuration

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How to make payments

To pay with Google Wallet, simply approach/brush your Android device against the payment terminal. You can pay with Google Wallet, whenever you see the symbols:

To pay in shops, enable NFC in your smartphone settings. You can also pay with this solution in Apps and Websites. Google Wallet allows you to make payments without the need to enter a PIN for transactions up to €50. For purchases of a higher value in person, biometric validation (fingerprint or facial recognition) will be required.

Use these payment method whenever you find these symbols:

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