Make sure you give your Investments a strategy

You can start with little

It doesn’t take much to invest in Certificates, being the minimum investment 1 unit.

Diversifying is important

Certificates allow you to diversify and dilute the associated risk, in a single investment.

Time makes the difference

Certificates are traded on a stock exchange at Euronext Paris at market price and in real time.

Get access to a market in an efficient and cheap way

Invest in an effortless diversified way

Invest in themes with great growth opportunity

Invest with a defined strategy

You can now trade Certificates in the App

Through an intuitive and customizable search, it has never been simpler to buy and sell Certificates

Frequently Asked Questions

What else do you need to know?

These are our frequently asked questions.

What are Certificates?

Certificates are financial products that reflect the performance of company sets (indexes) or commodities (gold, silver, platinum, etc.) In other words, you can buy Certificates of a sectoral index (such as banking or telecomunications), of a commodities (gold, platinum, etc.) or of a regional index (such as STOXX 50, S&P500 or PSI20).

When you invest on Certificates, you are investing on all the companies that compose an index or on commodities, without having to buy it. Imagine you buy a S&P500 Certificate. When you buy this Certificate, you are buying a part of each one of the 500 companies that compose the index. So, if the value of S&P500 rises, so will your investment.

How much do I need to start investing on Certificates?

There isn't a minimum amount to invest. You can start investing on Certificates through the purchase of a unit (which corresponds to the minimum amount available to buy or sell) whose value depends of its Stock quote.

Can I lose the invested money?

Investing always has associated risk. It is fundamental to know your profile as an investor before investing. After you fill out the Investor Questionnaire, we will tell you which are the products that most suit you, so that you can avoid Investments that might make you feel uncomfortable.

How does the sale and purchase of Certificates work?

Certificates are negotiated on Stock. The investor can buy or sell throughout the day, within the negotiation schedule at the current market price or at the price he establishes.

How does the Stock Market work?

The Stock market is a negotiation market where you can buy and sell assets. To buy an asset, you need that same ase to be on sale for the price you are willing to pay. Normaly, the transaction is not directly made between the seller and the buyer. There are facilitators, such as ActivoBank.

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