Ensure your future, at your own pace.

2nd Series Global Investor Insurance - SIG 2nd Series, from 30€ per month.

Strategically though out for you

1 Insurance, 5 Strategies

A Unit-linked Insurance that consists of a 5 investment strategies product, adapted to different risk profiles. Choose the one that most suits your goals.

Changing is free

You can switch your investment between the five available strategies at any time, throughout the year. The first two switches are free.

At your own pace

More protection

The 2nd Series Global Investor Insurance - SIG 2nd Series has a life Insurance associated, for higher protection. In case of Accidental Death, up to the age of 80 of the Insured Person, the policy beneficiaries receive additional capital equal to the value of the Account Units e In case of Accidental Death, the beneficiaries receive additional capital equal to the value of the policy

Fiscal optimization

Fiscal treatment applicable to insurances. (conditioned to the investment’s maintenance for a minimum deadline that is equal or longer than five years.)

Investment Strategies

What is more important to you?

Choose the strategy that best suits your risk profile

Slightly Moderate Strategy:

Investors with some risk aversion.

Moderate Strategy:

Investors with some risk tolerance.

Balanced Strategy (Stocks):

Investors with risk tolerance.

Dynamic Strategy (Stocks):

Investors that want return through a bigger exposure to risk.

Aggressive Strategy (Stocks):

Investors that want return through a significative exposure to risk.

Subscription Conditions

Everything you should know before you subscribe this Unit-Linked Insurance

The Global Investor Insurance is a Unit-Linked Insurance that does not guarantee the invested amounts. Which means there is a risk of capital loss.


You can make deliveries that are equal or higher than:


  • Annual: 360,00 €
  • Half-yearly: 180,00 €
  • Quarterly: 90,00 €
  • Monthly: 30,00 €

One-off: 500€

Additional: 30€


You can switch your investment strategy, for free twice a year.

The change is made within a maximum deadline of 10 days, starting on the following workday when the respective request is received by the Insurer.


You can redeem, completely or partially, whenever you want.

Penalties due to redemption
  • During the 1st year: 1%
  • Between the 2nd and 3rd year: 0,5%
  • From the 4th year: without penalty
Fees and Charges

Subscription fee: 0%.

Management fee: 2% per year (max, charged monthly over the global value of the fund).

Policy Cost: The cost of the policy (5€) is added to the first delivery. Changes to the contract, made by the Client, will have a cost of additional minute issuing of 5€.



Benefit from a favorable fiscal regime

If the beneficiary of the paid amounts, for redemption or maturity, is an IRS taxpayer, the income obtain is subject to tax withholding of 28% except if he chooses the inclusion of his earnings. In this case, the withholding will be temporary.

If the amount of the deliveries made on the first half of the contract represents at least 35% of the totality of the applied amounts:

  • and the refund occurs between the 5th and 8th year of the contract, only four fifths of the income are taxed, which corresponds to a withholding tax of 22,4%;
  • and the refund occurs after 8 years of contract, only two fifths of the income are taxed, which corresponds to a withholding tax of 11,2%;
Fiscal regime on death transfer:

The Stamp Duty is not applied over death transfers.

Want to subscribe the Global Investor Insurance?

To simulate and/or subscribe this Insurance talk to us through 210 030 700.


Frequently Asked Questions

What else do you need to know?

These are our frequently asked questions.

What is the 2nd Serie Global Investor Insurance?

Seguro Investor Global 2nd Serie is an Insurance contract linked to Investment Funds (Unit Linked), qualified as a Structured Savings Collection Instrument (ICAE), which gives the Investor Client different options to choose from. For extra protection, it has associated Life Insurance.

How does each investment strategy in 2nd Series Global Investor Insurance work?

Each investment strategy is associated with a separate Fund that will invest in different types of assets and in different geographies. These assets are predominantly Bank deposits, treasury bills, bonds, cash, equities, and alternative Investments such as hedge Funds and real estate, according to the chosen strategy.

Does 2nd Series Global Investor Insurance guarantee the capital invested?

Global Investor Insurance is a complex financial product that doesn’t guarantee the amounts invested, and therefore there is the risk of losing the entire capital.

What does Life Insurance associated with 2nd Series Global Investor Insurance cover?

Life Insurance with 2nd Series Global Investor ensures that the designated beneficiaries receive from the Holder of the Insurance/Insured Person in case of death (1) and of capital loss, a compensatory amount up to €15.000.

(1) Death by accident or disease and after the first two years, starting on the date the contract begun, and if the Insured Person is younger than 65 years old. The compensatory amount will be the lesser amount between €2.500 and three times the amount of the paid prizes. This amount will be per Insured Person, considering for the purpose of this limit all the contracts of this product in which the Insured Person is a holder and that are current to the date of his passing.

Can I designate as many beneficiaries as I want in the 2nd Series Global Investor Insurance?

Yes. You can designate beneficiaries freely, without the need of a will.

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The Global Investor Insurance is made available by Ocidental - Companhia Portuguesa de Seguros de Vida, S.A., in the scope of its insuring activity and commercialized by Banco ActivoBank, S.A., whose Documentos de Informação Fundamental (DIF) can be obtain at the ActivoBank Website, as well as at any ActivoBank Branch. This information must be consulted, as legally required.
This is a Financial Product that does not hold guarantee over the invested amounts and, therefore, allows the risk of total capital loss.
The product faces a market risk resulting from the variation of the assets value that incorporate the diverse Investment Strategies, the Exchange risk of the investments on a Currency other than EUR and the counterpart risk for use of the exchange coverage operations. For that reason, profitability is not guaranteed, and there is a possibility that the investment remuneration can be null.
The partial or total Redemption, at any time of the contract is subject to fees. In case the refund is requested outsider the legally foreseen conditions: 1% on the 1st year; 0,5% on the 2nd and 3rd year; 0% starting from the 4th year. To the first delivery there is an added value of the policy issuing cost, of 5€. Over the global value of each fund there will be a financial management fee that can hit a maximum of 1,75%.

You must read the pre-contractual and contractual information as required by law.

Banco ActivoBank, S.A., Head Office: Rua Augusta, 84 Lisbon, with share capital of 101.000.000,00 Euros, registered at Lisbon Commercial Registry under single registration and tax identification number 500734305. Insurances Agent registered with n.º 419501226, at the Autoridade de Supervisão de Seguros e Fundos de Pensões – Registration date: 21/01/2019.

Marketing Entity

Complaints regarding the trader’s (Bank ActivoBank S.A.) conduct:
In case of complaint, you can contact the Client Call Center through the phone number +351 210 030 700 or by email through
You can also contact ActivoBank’s Client Ombudsman, situated at Rua Augusta, 84, Piso 2, 1100-053 Lisboa, through the email
Complaints can also be filled at ASF.

Managing Entity

Ocidental - Companhia Portuguesa de Seguros de Vida, S.A. - Av. Dr. Mário Soares, Edif. 10 - Tagus Park - 2744-002 Porto Salvo. Legal Person n.º 501 836 926, and registered under this number at Lisboa Trade Register, with share capital of 22.375.000 Euros. Legally authorized to act as an Insurer in Portugal, not taking responsibility from Banco Comercial Português, S.A., Sociedade Aberta’ s branches and agencies for commercializing the product.