Safety warning - Phishing

Phishing actions with a purpose to gather user date from the Bank’s digital channels were detected.

Safety warning - Phishing Safety warning - Phishing

It’s important to remember that ActivoBank:

  • Does NOT request the update or setup of software
  • Does NOT send SMS with links
  • Does NOT send emails with links
  • Does NOT request a complete Access Code (7 digits)
  • Does NOT request your phone number
  • Does NOT request, by any mean, the Authorization Code sent by SMS
  • Does NOT simulate transactions with the Clients

The only information we request, when you access ActivoBank, are:

  • User Code
  • 3 random digits of your Access Code

Whenever you access your Accounts thorugh ActivoBank’s Website, make sure the address is

If you see any suspicious situation or need clarifications, please contact us through +351 210 030 700.