Travel without scares

Your security starts with the ActivoBank App


We stay ON while you're OFF

Just €1,25/day per person

You only pay when the Insurance is active.

Safety at the distance of a button

Available on your App so you can take safety anywhere with you.

Includes €15.000.000 in coverages

Medical assistance, flight, baggage, winter sports and others, with a deductible of €75 per accident.


At any time during your trip you can activate the Insurance and add up to 6 people to your list.(1)

Take a break…but keep it safe

Notification service

Authorize the access to your location and receive alerts to turn your Insurance ON and OFF when you get to the airport.

"Emergency call" button

In case of accident contact the Assistance Service through the App.

Safe anywhere in the world

Use your Insurance in any country, except Portugal.

Winter sports included

From ski slopes aid expenses to treatment expenses in Portugal.

Open the App to susbcribe

Subscribe the ON/OFF Travel Insurance on the area For you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What else do you need to know?

These are our frequently asked questions.

What makes the ON/OFF Travel Insurance different from a traditional Travel Insurance?

The ON/OFF Travel Insurance can only be susbcribed through the App and has a daily cost of €1,25. You will only pay for the days of the trip and you can include up to 7 persons (including the holder of the insurance). The coverages inlcude medical treatment, flight delays, search and transportation of lost luggage and winter sports.

How do I know if I'm eligible to subscribe the ON/OFF Travel Insurance?

To subscribe you need to be within the folowing criteria: residency in Portugal, mainland and islands; age superior to 18 and inferior or equal to 69 years; Current Account with ActivoBank; portuguese NIF; make sure you're not travelling against medical recomendation.

Is there a waiting time before I can use the ON/OFF Travel Insurance?

If you are abroad or don't allow the access to your location, the confirmation can take up to 24 hours. Activate it before leaving Portugal so that this time isn't applied.

With the ON/OFF Travel Insurance what should I do to report an accident?

On the App you must request help by clicking the button "Emergency call", on your ON/OFF Travel Insurance, available 24hours a day. You can consult further information on the area "In case of accident", where you will find the steps you must follow.

When I return to Portugal do I have to disable the ON/OFF Travel Insurance?

Yes, you must click the OFF button when you return to Portugal. We can notify you to disable it, when you return, if your location services are active.

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(1) Subject to a 24 hour waiting period

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