General Conditions

Conditions of provision of information and services at

Regardless of conditions of provision of services concerning banking, investment, receipt and transmission of orders on account of third parties, whose terms are stipulated in the general contractual clauses and individual contracts, ActivoBank users accept the following terms and conditions of use of information and other services provided through the available remote channels (Internet and mobile applications).

Regarding breakdowns and irregularities

The Bank reserves the right to suspend:

  • The Customer's connection to the Bank through the Internet and/or mobile applications; and/or
  • The provision of services or operations whenever it detects signs of irregularities, or whenever such is necessary for assistance, maintenance, repair, security, introduction of improvements and internal processing of data.

Without prejudice to the above, the Customer recognises that the services and/or operations provided by the Bank through the website or mobile applications are subject to interference, interruptions, disconnection or other anomalies, namely as arising from breakdowns, overloads, line loads or other events beyond the Bank's control. The Customer expressly accepts that the Bank shall not be liable for actual or potential damages or losses, including lost profit that may result, directly or indirectly, from such events for the Customer.

Regarding the trading of securities

The information relative to securities does not constitute recommendations or advice on purchase or sale, unless explicitly indicated otherwise, and never exempts consultation of all legal and mandatory documents prior to the execution of transactions by users. Recommendations or advice on purchase or sale should be perceived as such and never as substitutes for the exercise of own judgement by its receivers.

Specifically, the information on stock funds does not exempt consultation of the prospectus and management regulations of the funds and the information on securities traded in secondary markets does not exempt consultation of the periodic mandatory information and prospectus, when their existence is mandatory.

Regarding contents provided by third parties

All contents provided by duly identified external entities in ActivoBank are of the exclusive responsibility of these entities and are intended exclusively for private disclosure, constituting an auxiliary means of information for its users. ActivoBank seeks to select content suppliers with high levels of reliability and credibility in the provision of services; however ActivoBank does not offer any assurance as to their rigour and timeliness.

Tax-related information presented at ActivoBank is intended for private use as an auxiliary means of information and does not exempt the use of specialists, lawyers and official services in the settlement of any particular situation. ActivoBank does not assure its precision or rigorous timeliness, and shall not be held liable for any use that might be made of this information.

All the information and, in general, the contents of the ActivoBank website may be altered without prior notice, with the exception of those explicitly obliged to such by the law or the conditions of provision of services concerning banking, investment, receipt and transmission of orders on account of third parties, whose terms are stipulated in the general contractual clauses and individual contracts.

Regarding intellectual property

The intellectual property rights of all the contents of ActivoBank which are not supplied externally and duly identified as such, belong to ActivoBank, including the information, tools, graphic design of Internet pages, with all their components and all their figures, graphs and texts.

The total or partial reproduction of any content of the ActivoBank website, without prior authorisation of its owners, is prohibited.


Decree-Law number 317/2009, of 30 October, transposed Directive number 2007/64/EC of the European Parliament and Council, of 13 November 2007, relative to payment services in the internal market.

The new legal framework permits execution of credit transfers, direct debits and payments with bank cards under conditions of greater transparency and speed, conferring additional protection to customer rights.

The General Conditions of Current Accounts and the General Conditions of Use of Cards, amended and adapted to the new framework of service provision, may be viewed at the links indicated below:

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