Save with safety and at your own pace

With Escolha o Prazo Savings you can be the manager of your future.

Your choice for your Savings

Amount flexibility

You can make occasional reinforcements, at any time, starting from €1. The capital is guaranteed.

Deadline felixibility

Between 1 to 1800 days.

Interest Rate (TANB)
From 1 to 91 dias 0,50% (TANB) - 0,360% (TANL)
From 92 to 182 dias 0,60% (TANB) - 0,432% (TANL)
From 183 to 365 dias 0,75% (TANB) - 0,540% (TANL)
From 366 to 1800 dias 1,00% (TANB) - 0,720% (TANL)
Renewal possibility

You can choose the automatic renewal of the deposit, with the deadline initially set, until the working day before the expiration date.

Freedom to change

You can move the money earlier, partially or completely, at any time during the term of the deposit.

Start saving