Principles of Personal Data Treatment

1. Our commitment

We want to continue to deserve your trust and are committed to protect your data, complying with the new Regulation.  Find out how we do it.

2. The data controller and the Data Protection Officer

ActivoBank is the controller, the entity responsible for processing your data, and has a Data Protection Officer. Find out why and who are the persons you should contact.

3. Which data we collect and process

We collect several types of personal data to ensure compliance with our duties and with our pledge to provide you a service of excellence. You may get acquainted with the several categories here.

4. How we process your personal data

We process your data for several purposes, in accordance with the commitment we established with you. Find out what those purposes are.

5. How long must data be stored

Data collected must be stored in accordance within the  legal applicable time limits, in the course of contractual obligations or while the legitimate purposes remain in effect.

6. Know your rights

The new Regulation reinforced your rights. Know your rights here .

7. Sharing data

The data you provided may be shared, in an exceptional and controlled manner, to provide you with the service agreed. Find out more.

8. Find out how we protect your data

Protecting your data means a lot to us. We use the appropriate organizational and technological means to ensure that they are protected. Read more.

For more detailed information, read our Privacy Policy or at any ActivoBank Branch.