Plans for repairs? Yes, with OSCAR.

Enjoy two discount vouchers worth €5 per month*​

​​Campaign valid from 11/1 to 18/6 of 2024

More freedom to realize projects

Salary Advance with reduced rate1 (for salaries from €750)

TAEG 11,5% e TAN 10,500%
While you have the AB Plan, TAN will be reduced to:
0% TAN for the first 3 months​
9% TAN for the remaining months

Personal Loan without opening fee2

TAEG 11,2% | TAN 8,250%

Exemption of commission corresponding to 2% on the financed amount (maximum of 300€).

The day-to-day, in Premium version

Priority service at Pontos Activo and Customer Support Line
3% Cashback on house expenses (200€ per month, max)3

Water, electricity, gas and telecommunications paid by direct debit from the Current Account associated to the Plan.

5 Immediate transfers at no cost4

Without this Plan, they cost €1,60/each.

AB Gold Credit Card with no provisioning fee5
TAEG 17,9%, TAN 12,200%

Without this Plan, the Card costs €2,99/month.

Unlimited PoupeUp goals


Support for Growing Investments

2 free of charge Exchange Orders6

Exemption of up to €13 for the first Orders of the month, executed on the Euronext market.

Stock Exchange Service Commission at no cost7

Exempt up to €3.00 per month, applicable to Integrated Securities – National and International.​