How can we make it simpler?

How can I open an Account with more holders?

They will have to go simultaneously to a Ponto Activo and bring the necessary proofs:

Identification Documents:
  • Identification Document (valid) - Portuguese Identification Document or Residency authorization or Passport or National Identity Card.
  • NIF (Tax Identification Number) (valid) - Portuguese Identification Document or NIF Card or Tax Payer’s central registration.
Proof of address (12 months):
  • National: Drivers License or Tax reimbursement statement or Water/electricity/gas bill
  • Abroad: Taxes liquidation issued by the fiscal authority of the country of residency or Document issued by the consulate.
Proof of employment situation (6 months validity):
  • Employee: Pay slip or Employment proof or Work contract.
  • Independent worker: "Green receipts"or Start of economic activity statement or Declaration from the Client supported by a card issued by the repective professional entity.
  • Self-employed: Commercial Registry certificate or Company Registration.
  • Unemployed: Unemployment statement (Employment Center enrolment) or Economic Situation Proof, issued by the Town Council for unemployed people that are not enroled in the Employment Center.
  • Student: Student ID or Enrolment proof or University attendance certificate.