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What documents are required to open an Account for a minor (under 18 years old)? ​

For the parents/legal guardians:​
Valid Identification Documents (one of the following documents):​
  •  Portuguese Citizen Card;
  • Authorization of Residency in Portugal;​
  • Passport/National Identity Card (only accepted if you have nationality in the European Union, Schengen Zone or United Kingdom).​
Valid Tax Identification Number (one of the following documents):​
  • Portuguese Citizen Card/Residence Permit/Taxpayer Card/Taxpayer Central Registration.​
Proof of address, with a validity of 12 months (one of the following documents):
  • National Address: Water/electricity/telecommunication/insurance bill, Bank statement, Finance Documents;​
  • International Fiscal Address: Taxes liquidation issued by the fiscal authority of the country of residency or Document issued by the consulate.​
Proof of employment situation, with a validity of 6 months (one of the following documents):​
  • Employee: Pay slip or Work contract;​​
  • Independent worker: "Green receipts", start/alteration of activity, Commercial Registry certificate or Company Registration;​
  • Student: Student ID, Enrolment proof or payment of tuition fees;​
  • Unemployed: Unemployment statement (Employment Center enrolment);​
  • Retired/Pensioner: Remuneration receipt or bank statement;​
  • Other situations: IRS Template 3 or bank statement.
For the minor:​
  • Identification Document, Tax Identification Number and Proof of address (that can be from one of the parents/legal representatives).​