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How do MB WAY Transfers work?

MB WAY is the interbanking option that, among other things, allows you to make transfers to the beneficiary's phone number using a mobile device. Membership is free and is available for devices with Android and iOS systems in the ActivoBank App.

By linking your phone number to your ActivoBank Card, you can make MB WAY transfers through the ActivoBank App. To do this, you first need to access the internet (mobile network or Wi-Fi connection), then select the Card, choose the "Send" option, enter the phone number or beneficiary name and the transfer amount. Finally, validate the transaction.

With this method, the funds are transferred instantly to the beneficiary's Account, even if it is between different banks. It's also possible to send money to international numbers, as long as the recipient is already registered with MBWAY.

MBWAY transfers are exempt for ActivoBank Clients.