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If I don't have the ActivoBank App, can I make online purchases?

The 3D Secure authentication in the ActivoBank App is required to validate your online purchases. To do so, you must have the Bank's App installed on your device.

To validate, make sure:

  • You have an internet connection with mobile data or Wi-Fi;​
  • The ActivoBank App notifications are enabled. You can check this logging into the App, selecting the ""More"" section and managing your notifications in the configurations.

For purchases in the European Union:​

  • Enter your Card details and wait;
  • You will then receive a notification in the ActivoBank App. Click on it;
  • Follow the instructions to validate your payments;
  • At the end, it's necessary to go back to the merchant's Website or App to complete your purchase.

For purchases outside the European Union:
3D Secure is optional, which means you can complete your purchases without strong authentication. However, if authentication is required, you will need to have your ActivoBank App installed and notifications enabled.

Note: It's really important to make sure that you have registered your mobile phone with the Bank, as well as the Bank's App and Access Codes. Otherwise, you won't be able to make some online purchases.