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Is it possible to request an early redemption of the PPR?

You can redeem it at any time. But, outside the legal conditions you will have to return the fiscal benefits, with an additional 10% per year, and support an early redemption fee;

  • Not having done any tax deduction, there won’t be any fiscal penalty, even though there might be a redemption fee (if applicable at the time of the request);
  • The value of the PPR can be withdrawn without penalty in the following situations, according to law: Retirement by old age or from 60 years old and on. In these cases, i tis necessary to ensure that the first delivery occurred at least 5 years ago and that a minimum of 35% of the deliveries was made during the first half of the Plan;
  • Client’s special situations or of any member of his household:
    • Long duration unemployment;
    • Permanent incapacity for work;
    • Serious illness of the Participant;

Payment of due installments of the Loan ensured by mortgage and of the installments to be due as they are becoming obsolete, regarding the property destined for own permanent housing.