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What are the Risks and what precautions should I take?

Investing in Investment Funds has associated risks that you must consider and consult beforehand. Because this is a product without guaranteed capital, whose Net Asset Value varies throughout time, there is no certainty about the return of your investment. This could be positive, null or negative. The profitability presented by the Investment Funds are a part of the past and are not guarantees of future profitability. The currency-exchange factor is another risk that must be considered, once there are Funds in several currencies such as Euro, Dollar, Pound, among others. The relation between the Fund's currency and Euro is an important factor that must be considered when investing. All the assets in the Fund, such as Stocks and Bonds, have an impact on the Fund's value. So, analysing the allocation, geography and sectors is important in order to understand in what way some events can impact the Investment Fund.