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House that you will sell

Possibility of reinforcing the current mortgage, to signal the acquisition of the new house.
Exemption from the early repayment fee, in case of sale up to 12 months after the new deed (and new financing).

House that you will buy

Payment, by reimbursement, of the Appraisal Commission (230€), after the deed.

Loans with associated optional sales

Associating 4 products to your Loan, you’ll have a reduced rate.
Learn how.

A. Mandatory product

If you want to take the rate with associated sales, this product is not optional and must be linked to your Loan as the following:

Deposit, in the ActivoBank's S.A. Current Accounts where the borrowers are the first holders, of the customer's salary/retirement or deposits and/or transfers to the Current Account related to the Loan of €750/month with checks every six months of the accumulated value

B. Products you can choose

To sum up a total of 4 products, you must add to the mandatory product 3 more of the 5 following options, as you prefer:

Credit Card (transactions of payments of purchases and services with the minimum use of €100/month with checks every six months of the accumulated value). TAEG 15,9%**

Consumer Loan at Bank ActivoBank S.A. where borrowers are first holders with a minimum outstanding balance of €1.000

Payment of two utility bills monthly, as payments of utilities (electricity, water, gas, communications)

Subscription of Life Insurance in Ocidental Vida (active policies associated to the Loan)1***

Subscription of Multirisk Insurance in Ocidental (active policies associated to the Loan), commercialized by Ageas under the brand Ocidental1***

If you prefer to have the rate with associated optional sales, choose that option on your simulation1